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    I’ve been reading all the support tutorials around properly tagging your blogposts so that when other readers search under a specific tag, your blog comes up under that tag.

    Recently I tried searching for specific tags in the WP tag cloud thing in the WP Reader to see if my blog comes up, for example, the tag Xbox 360, and my blog doesn’t come up at all. I have tried other tags that I have used recently, and my blog doesn’t come up as a result at all for them either.

    I read that one reason is improper tagging…I certainly don’t tag more than 15 tags per post.
    I also read that one possibility my blog isn’t showing up is because it’s deemed mature. I have no reason to assume my blog is flagged as mature, but maybe someone can enlighten me about that (I have no indicators in the dashboard, nor received any notification).

    Maybe I am missing something here? Is there a reason my blogpost tags are not showing up in the blog tag search in WP Reader?

    Thanks in advance. The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll flag this for staff attention.



    Thank you, bobdavcav.



    Hello again,

    I am not sure if this is relevant or not, but following my own blog in the WP Reader…if I go into “Blogs I Follow” tab, click “edit” and then click on my blog’s link (, it’s supposed to open in the reader window with all my latest blogposts, but nothing appears except for a grey RSS icon, my blog’s name “Caught Me Gaming” and how many followers I have in WP – that’s it. If I check, all other blogs I follow have their posts appear in the reader window.

    I have cleared my cache, am running Win 7 64 bit, Firefox 28.0. I have also tried my Asus Android tablet running Chrome for Android and it’s also showing the same thing.

    I’m not sure if these things are interrelated, but thought I would bring it up.


    I have not examined you blog and I assume that bobdavcav has done so. All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages can be found here > so checking them out is a good idea.



    Hi timethief,
    Before submitting my question to the forum four days ago, I examined the same missing posts page you have just sent several times. I’m still looking at it…
    I don’t use more than 15 tags per post (less than that, actually)
    My blog is not set to private. It’s open to search engines.
    My blog is not rated mature.
    The tags I am using are relevant to my blogposts. I am not using a knitting tag when I am talking about Mass Effect.

    I’ve even gotten rid of some tags even though they were relevant to my blogposts and it still hasn’t resolved my tag problem. I plan to post a blogpost the next day or so and I am sure it will not show up in the tag lists.



    Hello again,
    I would just like to let you know that my tagging problem has still not been resolved. I posted a new blogpost last night, and if you search under Mass Effect or Xbox 360 games, my blog does not appear.

    Also, one interesting thing: If I follow the RSS feed of my own blog in WP reader, then go to view it in the reader, all my blogposts appear in the reader. But, if I follow my own blog in the reader through WP (pressing the +follow button) and go to view my blog in the reader, my posts still do not appear. I am wondering if there is something going on in the coding of my blog.

    Thanks for reading.



    Staff work through all forum threads tagged for their attention and through all email support tickets in order of datestamps and timestamps – first posted first served, as would be expected.

    How long it takes to clear the threads and support tickets depends on how many Happiness Engineers are working on them at any given point in time. It also depends on how complex the issues in each thread and ticket are are.

    Don’t bump your thread here by posting into it again because it’s not in your best interest to post to it after it has been tagged for Staff help. Doing that means the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.



    Hi there,

    I replied to you privately via email and we were able to work this out.

    If you have any further questions reply via email.

    I will close this thread.

    Thank you!

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