Blog is public but shows up as private on FaceBook

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    When I try to link to on Facebook the preview it generates says that it is a private blog, but wordpress is showing that it is public and people testing at home are able to see the blog without being logged in by typing in the URl. I cleared my cache and cookies and had another FB user try it on their profile on a different machine and it gave the same results. I am certainly hoping to publicize on FB so if you could let me know how to solve the problem I would really appreciate it!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s actually the cache on Facebook’s end, and there is really no straight-forward way to clear it.

    If you give it time, usually 24 hours or so, they will clear it automatically. Personally, I have also had luck by asking a non-friend on Facebook to share something. I honestly couldn’t even begin to guess why that works, but it does most of the time. :)

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