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    This blog: is stealing my content from my whenyourebored blog (I have more than one blog with wordpress). They are taking the exact images and exact text I wrote and posting it on their blog with NO link back. I researched and wordpress does not do IP blocks. I contacted the author but have not heard back. Is there some way to stop this guy even though he’s not on wordpress?



    There are several ways. This is totally common, by the way; it has happened to me three times in the last eight hours, for instance. There are dozens of threads on it; it’s called splogging or blog scraping.

    If he runs Adsense, report him to Google by clicking on the “ads by Google” at the bottom of the ads and then “report abuse/violation.” Otherwise, you can report him to his webhost. There are other things you can do as well; a search of the forum should bring up at least half a dozen suggestions.


    Thank you so much! I just reported him to google, and I’m checking into reporting him to his webhost. Thanks a bunch!



    Good! Best of luck. I sometimes find you have to report them to Google a few times, but it’s highly effective because they’re invariably in it for the money and google kills their whole account, thus their reason for blogging.


    The webhost really isn’t a regular webhost.
    I haven’t found a contact page but left a comment on the latest post. Hopefully they take an interest in it.



    That’s not the host; that’s the umbrella spammer site.

    THIS looks to be the web host. Sounds like they hired this guy to write for them and he’s just stealing crap. That may or may not be what they had in mind, so deal directly with them:


    Oh okay. I’ve never heard of an umbrella spammer site. Guess I have a lot to learn. Thanks!



    You’re welcome. It’s not a regular term, I just made it up. It’s like one big site that is the main site for a lot of little sites, all of which are scrapers.


    One thing I just thought of. Am I able to disable right clicks on my blog?



    Nope. And it wouldn’t matter if you could. Even I can get around that, and I suck at technical stuff. I bet you anything he’s not right-clicking (that would take TIME!). I bet you he’s just subscribing to the most popular tag feeds.



    I believe that’s one reason doesn’t allow you to add content via a regular RSS feed; because it’s a technique that is totally popular with spammers, and WP wants you to write your own content.


    Bummer. Alright, thanks for your help! Hopefully this works!

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