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    Hi I a new to wordpress yet this is not my first blog , the problem is my blo is horribly slow and takes time to load (if loads at all) even the dashboard is a real pain to reach , i tried downloading wordpress but the zip download links are broken and they just halt before the end of the download

    my blog is

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    oh yes and please don’t tell me it’s got anything to do with the widgets or the addons or the internet connection i’ve loaded larger blogs much faster, even my other blog-outside wordpress- has richer content..



    OK – I won’t tell you it is your internet connection, Widgets or whatever – but your blog downloaded in 3 or 4 seconds to the west coast of the USA onto Firefox 3.6.10


    Well for starters, it loads very quickly for me and I’m on a 1.5mb (if I’m lucky) wireless internet connection.

    You DO have a 106k image in your sidebar. For sidebar images I would never have anything over 35k, if that, but one image that size isn’t going to cause an issue, and your header image is only 29k.

    According to “, your page fetch + load time is 619ms, which is only 0.6 seconds. I wish mine loaded that quickly. Mine takes 4.5 seconds.

    I’m not seeing a problem.

    And I just downloaded wordpress as a test and it took about 10 seconds and the entire download was done, automatically unzipped and sitting on my desktop.


    The other thing, the image in your sidebar is on flickr. That means that when loading your blog, your browser has to make a request to flickr for that image. If flickr is slow getting that image out and to your browser it is going to slow things down. I’ve seen flickr and some other photo sharing sites actually stop blogs from loading because the browser hangs on trying to get the image and waits and waits and waits.



    thank you..that was fast..I will downsize the image then..
    Things are far better now :)) Thanks again

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