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    I got up this morning, signed on and saw that some of my sidebar widgets had been removed and some were added that I did not want. I had to rebuild my sidebar widgets, which is not a big deal. I am curious, what could have caused this alteration, apart from my instruction? Is there a virus learking of some spam being generated through out word press that is causing these changes?



    It’s just a bug that seems to be affecting a number of people at the moment. My guess is that it may have something to do with new code being tested for the next release on (which will include widgets as part of the main download), but don’t quote me on it.


    Thank you for your input wank. Have a great day!



    The same thing happened to me today.
    I tried to send in feedback, but even that did not look like it went through.
    Do I need to rebuild the site myself or will it mysteriously “re-fix” itself when the bug gets fixed.
    If I do “put my site back to normal” and the bug gets fixed, do you think I will need to rebuild again?

    When will the bug get fixed?


    My blog sort of got fixed earlier today but has gone bad again. We’re just back to the default template.

    There’s nothing anyone can do, we just have to wait for the good people at WordPress to fix it I guess. Never forget, patience is a Gertrude.



    Oh yes brandanagaintc patience is a Gertrude. (virtue)
    I noticed in another thread that apparently it all got fixed.
    But as with my site, the bug seems to be still affecting it. I wonder if there is something I can do on my part to “help” it along.
    Feedback does not seem to go anywhere when I try to send it from the dashboard, so I thought I would post the issue here to let them know some are still affected. :)



    Make sure you read the whole thread. Check out this post by Mark

    Instead of posting in a new thread I would use the original one above. If you are having trouble with your feedback use this page and also check out what is currently posted there regarding the widgets as well:



    @ryannjen… if the thread is marked as resolved, is it not closed to new comments?
    If there are still issues, then why mark is as resolved.
    Also, sometimes it takes a person several minutes to read all the threads (which is what I am trying to do) to find out what is going on. Sorry it taking me longer than usual, but I am doing my best as I am sure WordPress is as well.
    (time zones make a difference to)
    Thanks you for the links to the issue. I will look at them now.



    I just wanted to make sure you got the help you needed. I know that staff is monitoring that thread since there are several posts by them in it. The original poster, moderators, and staff have the ability to change the threads status. It is marked resolved by the original posters sometimes prematurely since there is a lot of code changing happening sometimes. The thread is always open to new comments unless it is ‘closed’. Just go to the last page in the thread and if there is a reply box then you are able to reply. I just wanted to make you aware of that thread in hopes that it would help you get your answers quicker than in this one possibly.



    Thanks again raynnjenn… I did go there but comments are closed :>(


    Discovered much of my sidebar stuff has either disappeared or not working properly as well. Off to read the other thread and send in feedback…



    @ gottabkd – Did you go to the last page of the thread? They are open for me.



    yes I did and it was closed for comments. Maybe they becam open again as it still seems to be a continuing issue.
    I will look again Thanks.



    @raynnjen… I was able to update on that thread.
    I see many issues are still happening so I know wordpress is working hard on the issue and will wait for an outcome.
    Thanks for the help.



    There are more than a dozen threads on exactly the same issue right now, so to help Support find all the information as quickly as possible, please post to the main thread about it, here:

    Also, send in a Feedback so they know which blogs are affected. If you’ve sent a feedback, you need do nothing else.

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