Blog link is going to my deleted blog not my new one

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    Finding it hard to explain this, but as you will notice, you can’t get to my new blog unless I give you the link.

    My friend pointed this out to me tonight. She said she gets to my deleted blog when she tries to return a comment.

    How can I rectify this?



    You’ve lost me. How are people trying to access your blog but winding up on your deleted site?

    Are you talking about the link under your name here or elsewhere maybe?

    How is your friend trying to access your blog?


    I commented on Earthpal’s latest post tonight.

    She clicked onto ‘Misslionheart’ and it brought her to my deleted blog!



    Ah, go into Dashboard -> Users -> your profile. there’s a drop down menu with your blogs in there where you can select the one you want to be used. It’s labeled as ‘Primary Blog.’

    Here in the forums, you have to edit your profile. You should find a link near the top.

    Hope this helps,


    Yay! I can sleep now!

    Thanks for you help….again!



    Not a problem. :)

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