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    We got some details on what specifically AdBlock was targeting, so maybe some fixes to that will help you.

    I doubt it. :-)

    I’ve had Adblock completely disabled for several hours, and I’m still getting the timeouts.



    ….and I never ever used it!



    Turned everything off – turned it all on again….
    …..’Problem loading the page’
    I give up for tonight.
    Thank you for trying to help.
    Don’t understand – have always regarded WordPress as so reliable and have never seen anything remotely like this before.



    I know, but if we can fix the problem for Adblock, maybe it will fix the issue for you too.

    So far, disabling Adblock is resolving the same problem for you’re experiencing for over 80% of these folks, so I’m going to hedge my bet on fixing whatever is tripping up Adblock will fix this for you too.



    This should be fixed now, so please feel free to try again. If you disabled Adblock to get around this, you should be able to safely re-enable it now.


    Nope; still broken.


    … or maybe not. I signed out, cleared my cookies & history and signed back in, and it seems okay. (Touch wood, cross fingers etc.)


    … and now nothing on the main page—!/fresh/ and so on—will work apart from the stats tab. The other tabs present just a blank rectangle.



    having problems getting to my blog too. links from main page do not work and I just cleaned history cookies temp files etc etc. I can’t find any system announcements to know what is happening. Thanks.


    And suddenly the reader etc tabs work again, but the admin and blog pages are back to not loading.




    We made another slight change just now. Please try again after clearing your browser’s cache.



    It just fell over loading the dashboard.



    As in it didn’t work? Have you tried disabling all browser add-ons/extensions and all anti-virus/security software?

    You don’t need to do it permanently, just temporarily to see if that makes any difference.


    Still having problems, though the pages that do load seem to do so slightly faster.

    The problem I mentioned earlier in the thread:

    Clicking from my reader to go to this, for instance:

    … takes me instead to this mess:

    The same happens if I attempt to go from my desktop mail to a WP blog.



    That’s pretty normal. Does the redirect continue from there, or do you get stuck there?


    As I explained earlier, that’s where it always stops and gives me the “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” message-page.

    Given that the problems accessing areas of my/our own blog/s has arisen at the same time as the above, that that those problems also appear to be log-in related (browsing my own blog is completely problem-free when not logged in), I’m guessing that the main problem that’s timing the page-loads out is to do with the sending and receiving of log-in information.



    Oh, ok, sorry about. Too many people in this thread with different issues, hard to keep it straight.

    It’s not necessarily page load related, otherwise disabling AdBlock wouldn’t be fixing it for some folks. Rather, something is causing the browser to time-out, possibly something similar to AdBlock hiding around.

    As we continue to nail down the AdBlock issue, this should resolve similar issues.


    No worries. Having been browsing the support furum, I can see you have a lot on your plate.

    I’m suspicious of the adblock approach though, as it seems temporary at best—and its efficacy is to quantify, as the problem is slightly intermittent anyway. Many people have said, as I did, that it appeared to fix it, only to “oops no it didn’t” a few minutes later—also as I did.

    Consider that disabling the addon would also require a browser-restart. It could merely be the restart that creates the temporary lull.


    “…is hard to quantify.

    Remember: proof reading is your friend! Or possibly your ‘fried’?



    I woke up with a hopeful heart and I got straight on to my blog and the forum but when I clicked back to my blog I got “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” again :(.

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