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Blog links have vanished!

  1. Here is my blog:

    Right now I can't see any of the many links that are supposed to be in the right hand column. Yet, the spaces are there! And in y Dashboard they are still listed.

    Mystery of mysteries.

    Let me know how to solve this issue.


  2. Yikes that looks like something you should contact support about.

  3. I'm able to see the blog links there. Still not working for you?

  4. It's because I changed the language to Italian. Believe it or not, they vanish when the blog is on English, the language I'd rather have it on. I had just been playing with different languages... and then when I put it back to English they disappeared.

    Here, I'll put it back to English so that they will vanish.


  5. There was a similar complain a couple of days ago, with the exact same symptom: links gone, just the list symbol remaining. I can't search for the thread now, but, if I remember well, the OP reported that he solved the problem by removing the links widget and adding it back again.

  6. @notedscholar
    Should be fixed now. Server had a bad cache for your blog.

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