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Blog loading slowly

  1. Working on a new theme. All is going well, but the blog is suddenly loading very slowly. I'm losing traffic over it. I've checked image sizes, I have no custom fonts, no custom codes and WP widgets only... Suggestions? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Never mind! I found it. It was the Twitter Widget (which I have had nothing but trouble with already). I had one box checked - Don't show borders - Stupid, huh? Uncheck box, page loads like a dream. Twitter Tweaked.

  3. I've been experiencing extreme slowness when loading my pages and during the last two days (Christmas) I had to give up again and again. Those who tried to connect to my blogs were undoubtedly experiencing the same. This is not good.

    Word Press staff! Please explain!+

    Örn B

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