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blog loading time getting longer

  1. As I add to my blog, it is getting longer and taking more time to load each time. Is there a way to define what will load on the current page and prevent items that are archived from loading in the active page? I guess I would like to have only the posts from the current month load on the blog and not all the posts that I have ever entered.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, so I guess maybe there is no option to choose what loads on the current blog page? So, I wonder what some of you do in this instance? Do you put topics you have posted in previous months that have been archived on separate pages, one page per month maybe? Maybe I'll just give that a try...

  3. Your blog is taking longer than usual. I would look into the size of images you're showing on the front page because the load time I am noticing is due to site seeking image files (plus there could be other things).

  4. Thank you very much. Taking this a little further, is there a suggested optimal size for images?

    But, can you actually remove posts from the main blog page and only allow them to load in the archive pages?

  5. Like if I open the edit feature on a post, is there a "move to" button somewhere that will remove it from the main page and move it to and archive only, emoving it completely from the main page? Thanks

  6. I don't really know about the appropriate file size of images, but anything beyond 100 KB file size seems a lot to me given that you can only show 400x (or less) sized images on the front. I'm no expert in this regard but I prefer to load thumbnails or smaller sized images for the front and link them up with bigger sized in the background (I can't tell if what I'm saying is making sense to you or not).

    Note that when you show case lots of images on your blog, you are asking your visitors to load them up locally through their browser. The first time will always take longer but the second visit won't take long given the cache is loaded up already in the browser.

  7. Use the "read more" command to have only the first part of a post show on the opening page.

  8. You can set the number of posts on your front page:
    dashboard —> settings —> reading —> "Blog pages show at most ___ posts"
    type the number you want in the blank and remember to save.

    Image sizes should be 50 k or less.

  9. Oh, thanks so much, these are very useful tips, I will try some of these and see what I come up with. This is very helpful.

  10. "You can set the number of posts on your front page:
    dashboard —> settings —> reading —> "Blog pages show at most ___ posts"
    type the number you want in the blank and remember to save."

    This is what I was looking for, this is great, Thanks so much. I will try the other features suggested to fine tune even futher.

  11. I have published an article titled: Blogging: Strategies for reducing page loading time that contains links to online page loading time checkers, and ten tips bloggers can use to make their pages load faster. Here's the link >

    Maximum displayed image widths by theme are found here >

  12. All images ought to be optimized and presized prior to uploading them. Please see these posts by thesacredpath for help >

  13. I will check these links and optimize the images before posting, Thanks

  14. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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