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Blog loading veeerrryyy slowly

  1. Lately I've noticed that my blog is loading oh so slowly. I had recently added the "read more" divider to my posts, so that only excerpts showed on the home page, because my Mattala theme doesn't do this automatically and I thought it was a good thing to have. Then when searching the forums here about slow loading of blog page, someone said that the "read more" feature can slow the loading of the page, so I have gone through and removed them all, but it still seems to load very slowly compared to other blog pages I look at. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Only an inexperienced user could have said that the more tag can slow the loading of the page. Loading time increases if there are many objects (images, videos etc) on the page, if the image files are large, and if the objects are inserted via URL instead of uploaded to your blog.
    So yes, the "read more" divider was a good thing to have. You can also decrease the number of posts per page (in Settings > Reading). Ideally you should also upload copies of your images after you downsize them in an image editing application or an online tool. Maximum width for the theme you're using is 652 pixels.

  3. Ok, so you're saying it's BETTER to have the "read more" dividers for the posts? Or alternatively, to reduce the number of posts per page (which I could easily do).

    When I upload photos to the blog (excuse me if that's the incorrect terminology - I'm a newbie to all this), I usually just upload straight from the photos on my computer. I'm not sure how to do what you say: "Upload copies of your images after you downsize them in an image editing application or an online tool". Can you please point me to where I can learn how to do what you are saying?


  4. Yes of course it's better, for the reason I explained: the fewer the images on a page, the faster it will load.

    Reduce the number of posts per page as well, not alternatively.

    The best image editing application is Photoshop, but it's not free. There are free alternatives, but I'm not familiar with them. If you don't have an image editing application, you can resize your images online, for instance here:

  5. Prior to uploading any image into your blog, regardless if it’s a header image, a featured image, an image in a post or page, in a Post format (Gallery or Image), an image for sidebar display in an image widget or a text widget, you can optimize and re-size it in either free desktop image editing software or free online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in.

  6. A question for whoever can help me:

    when you resize your pictures to lower resolution, can you still see them in full resolution when you click them? Thank you anyone in advance for their help.

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