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    I am very frustrated because depending on who goes to my blog they may see text running over the graphics on the edge of the page. Others say it looks fine. I’ve checked with everyone and it doesn’t seem to be a browser issue as some people using Firefox, IE and Chrome can see it fine with no problems while others using the same say it looks bad. How do i get the appearance of the posts to look the same way to everyone? If someone stumbles upon my blog and they can’t read the text, they’re not going to stick around. Please help!!!! I am using Coraline.

    The blog I need help with is



    I didn’t see the issue when I viewed your site. I use IE. I have encountered similar problems on various websites, at least one which does use a WordPress platform. The problem comes and goes.

    IE has a compatibility correction button in the address bar, looks like a torn page. Clicking this sometimes alleviates the problem, sometimes not.



    Hello wadingacross

    Since my english is so basic, i can’t define a ‘torn page’
    w’d you please be more explicite

    May be nice to correct my same PB ‘IE versus Chrome or others explorers’

    I’m trying an other way (a bit more harder) in writting a short CSS code as

    <!–[if IE]>
    *script minors changes…………..

    Is flexible enough to pass this trick through my CSS option?

    Very thank for a reply



    I don’t know anything about CSS.

    Torn means ripped. In this case, jagged, as in, in half. On IE in the address bar you can refresh a page by clicking on a button that looks like a circular arrow or stop it from loading by clicking on an x. To the left of the circular arrow is what looks like a sheet of paper ripped in half. That is the particular thing I’m talking about to correct compatible viewing issues.



    You blog has issues and I believ if you go here . Appearance . background you may be able to address them.
    You have a custom image background and it’s a narrow strip meant to be used as a header and not to be tiled and used as a background
    That image and the tiling of it are causing your issue. Go here> Appearance > Background and click “Remove Background Image” then view you blog and it will display properly.

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