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Blog looks "stretched" - have cleared cache/cookies

  1. My blog uses the "Freshy" theme and today it started to look very stretched -- much too long across my browser. Checked for additional HTML in today's post; none. Cleared my cache/cookies; no dice. Help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry the blog I need help with is

  3. It's not your blog, it's Freshy in general - check the theme demo:
    WP is changing something, and they messed things up in several themes.

  4. Thanks.

    WP, any word as to when this will be fixed?

  5. glocalsolutions

    Help? WP.

  6. Please see that this topic has a modlook tag on the right sidebar. Staff will look in to see that this is a problem we volunteers cannot help you with.

    As for how long it will take? Best advice is to have a cuppa-tea and be patient. Most likely it will not be so very long before the issue is addressed.

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  7. Hi, I'm a Freshy user and had the same issues this morning - have posted a couple of please for help on the forum - good to know I'm not alone. When they wake up in the US (in an hour's time?) maybe someone will fix it.

  8. We're sorry for the trouble - this issue should now be fixed.

  9. Thanks, ours is!

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