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Blog marked Mature?

  1. I just was told via Support that my blog has now been marked as 'Mature' therefore won't show up when someone clicks on a tag to view content.

    My blog is not overall 'Mature' content, by any means. I do sometimes put mature-type content on there but I didn't have any idea this would change the entire categorization / listing of my blog and accessibility to others.

    Can someone please explain where the rules, regulations, etc. are that define a 'mature' blog?

    I don't understand how it was just 'changed' within the past hour without notifying me.

    Thank you.

  2. Just another quick question... if mine is considered 'mature', and now off-limits to viewers clicking tags, why aren't these off-limits also:

  3. If those are mature blogs, then that means someone hasn't clicked on the "Report as mature" button on those blogs. Any user can click on that link, then the site gets reviewed by staff to determine if it is mature or not. If the staff (not users) decide it's mature, then the blog gets set to mature.

    Nobody on this forum can answer your question. This is a question for staff, so unless the same staff person who sent you that message and set your blog to mature just happens to be browsing the forums, you won't get a definitive answer.

    You should submit your question to the staff in the morning, when the feedback form comes back on the Support page (click support link in footer of these pages).

  4. Thank you jamesewelch! That was very helpful.

  5. Oh, support is still open. So you can submit your question to the WP staff right now.

  6. arianskyy, we flag blogs as mature in response to complaints if we think it's necessary. We don't (can't) catch them all. If you think your blog has been incorrectly classified, please contact support and we'll work something out.

  7. Hi james and tellyworth,

    I really do think my blog has been flagged improperly. I understand that I have some mature content on there, but that's the exception rather than the rule. And I can definitely change that if necessary.

    I have sent the question in to support so we will see what they say. I have seen some very, very adult, all nudity, porn, etc. blogs that are just running free! Which is fine by me, but it's not fair if mine is restricted because of one or 2 pictures, while theirs is not.

    Thank you for your support.


  8. Also, I'm going to have to assume that the change was just made to my blog because of this thread:

  9. And, no, I didn't mark the blog that way.

  10. Way to sell me down the river. Thanks for that!

  11. Oh for god's sake; if any blog had it coming it's yours, roxycamp. You don't want to get booted from tag pages, you don't post stuff like that. Simple.

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