blog marked not active and I am restricted from it

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    I am brand new and just figuring it out how to use wordpress features and about 10 days ago was locked out or restricted from using the blog or updating and finishing it.

    It say they need info…..I sent numerous emails to support and have heard nothing.

    Can you tell me if I am doing it wrong or how they contact back ?

    I wonder if I have offend someone.

    If you can help me figure out what to do, please let me know…..I spent tons of hours trying to learn how to set things up etc.




    You have already asked this, and I answered you:


    If you’re not getting any response from support, then they clearly do not want you blogging here. Blogs only get marked inactive when they are doing something that staff disapprove of.

    My advice would be to forget about hosting your blog here and find a good web host that supports WordPress. Yes, that will cost money, but you are less likely to have your blog vanish overnight without warning.

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