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    How can I migrate an external blog with this current one and have publicity space to sale and sale some products?

    I have this blog here at I also own a web boutique with a blog with Shopify. At this moment, I’m thinking of letting go my Shopify store and have only blogs with you guys under .com or .org. But before I do anything, I wish to be able to sale some spaces for publicity for other companies. That’s a major point for me. Also, I don’t want to sale the 7K products that I do have in my boutique now, but still a hand full. I do have a book and another on the way that I would need to be able to sale.

    Where should I host everything?
    Both blogs have different names for two different subject, How do I manage with that?
    Can I sale publicity space on my blog?
    Can I sale products and my books?
    How much would it cost me per year or month for this?
    I do own my own domain name with Shopify at this moment, Can I have 2 domain names for both blogs or what?
    What about migration? 3 months ago I did a migration to SHopify and it was a nightmare.

    Looking forward to your answer in an email,

    Anick Giroux

    The blog I need help with is



    I wish to be able to sale some spaces for publicity for other companies.

    Can I sale publicity space on my blog?

    No blogger-initiated advertising is allowed on, regardless of upgrade. You can place a link to your Shopify store in your blog, provided you only sell your own products (i.e. products designed/produced by you) there. To do this you will still need to maintain the site on Shopify as well. There are also limitations on the types of affiliate links which are allowed here. See:

    The only integrated eCommerce options on is for users with the Business upgrade. Even with this upgrade you will still not be allowed to place advertising on your site. More information here:

    If you require full eCommerce functionality and the freedom to add any advertising you like you’ll need to purchase your own domain and hosting and set up your own website using the WordPress.ORG software. See here for more information:



    Short form: is not for you. Get paid hosting somewhere and software from

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