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    Help, my blog
    is missing, I managed to get email back, and now i need to see if i can get my blog back..



    Hi there, I see that was deleted by the author. If it’s been more than 30 days since deletion, it may not be possible to recover, but I’ve tagged this thread for Staff attention and assistance. Thanks for your patience while they get back to you



    Hi there,

    That blog was owned by a different account that’s now closed. Please reply to account closure email we’ve sent to you to help you restore both the account and the blog.


    fstat I did not receive account closure email ?


    I checked spam folder as well. I did not get any email.



    It’s not the account you’re currently logged into, so make sure you’re checking the email address belonging to the closed account.


    I am. I had to change my email from (email redacted) because of hacker


    I am. I had to change it to (email redacted)



    Ok, a deletion confirmation email would have been sent to that email address, you can’t delete an account without clicking a link in it.


    Okay let me check


    I didn’t get email in (email redacted)



    The email was sent 2 weeks ago.

    Please search your email, both inbox and spam, for “Your user account at has been closed”


    I did search for it… I did NOT close it. Gmail hacked ,


    I looked in trash, spam folder everything in my reneec1303 email. My reneec1303 was hacked !


    *reneec1301 was hacked



    It was sent to your 1303 email on August 19, not 1301.


    It is not there.



    @faithandfamily13 unless the gmail hacker deleted all of your email, it should be there. We can see it was delivered.

    Can you try putting this in the search bar?

    in:all “Your user account at has been closed”


    Do not see it☹️


    I lost alot for in my email do to hack☹️
    Can blog be recovered?

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