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    Hello everyone!!! I need to change the name of this blog, so I can use it for this other blog , the one that says Origami Panama is not in use, but I need it for the Panama Paper Folding one. However, I was reading that if I delete one of them I will never be able to use the URL again. Is there a way that I can just like change the name of origami panama without creating a duplicate blog? Because that’s what happened when I tried to change the name so I could use it for the other blog. I really need to change the name!

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. You only gave one address, yet you are talking about “this blog” and “this other blog”. What’s the address of the second blog and what are your intentions with it?



    Oh sorry It’s just that I thought you guys could see the name of the first blog since I was asked to put it there. Well the first blog it’s hidden but the name is so I am not sure if you will be able to find it, we haven’t use it yet but we need that name for

    We just need the name of the first blog to be changed so that we can use it for panamapaperfolding, but we don’t want to export or transfer the blog because we read that we might lose our views, subscribers and probably the images too? The thing is that we just want to use the name “origamipanama” for “panamapaperfolding”, that’s all, but when we tried to change the name of the first blog, it sort of created a new blog but origamipanama is still there.



    Normally, to change the address of a blog you need to :
    1- follow this procedure:
    2- (optional) purchase a site redirect upgrade so that visitors from one blog are redirected to the other blog:

    However, if the new address already exists, you need to export and import their contents.
    Does that answer your question?

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