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    I have been operating under the my business name for 25 years. Now I find that the blog name is “reserved” by someone else.

    What can I do (short of legal action) to obtain it? It’s not like someone is using it. It’s unused, after all.
    Blog url: http://ButIwanttostartone


    We do not reuse or reassign blog names on

    If you like, you can attempt to contact the owner of that blog and ask them if they would like to transfer it to you. You can do this by either of the following:

    • leave them a message using a contact form (if it exists), or
    • leave a comment on an existing page or post requesting they contact you.

    If you are able to reach the blog owner and they are willing to transfer the blog to you, here are the instructions they can use to do that:

    If they do not respond or refuse the transfer, you will need to select a different name for your blog.

    Keep in mind we also offer an upgrade for custom domain names and you can use any blog URL underneath a custom domain. You can see more details about how domain mapping works:



    Who is the “owner” of the blog? It is not an active blog. It is only reserved. How do I “reach the blog owner”?

    This is a trademark issue, not just a matter of procedures.



    Blogs are the property of the users who register them, not the companies they may or may not represent. When we register a username account the blog with the matching name is reserved for our later use.

    Trademark infringement usually involves using someone’s trademark on a good or service in a way that may confuse others about the source or affiliation of the goods or services. Intellectual property owners can report items that allegedly infringe on their rights just as copyright holders can. Generally speaking trademarked media can be used for Personal, Non-Commercial Use, provided appropriate attribution is used.
    For filing an abuse complaint use this link >


    Who is the “owner” of the blog? It is not an active blog. It is only reserved.

    If the blog address you’re trying to register is reserved, that means the user has the matching username, and we automatically reserve the same blog address in case they decide to register it in the future.

    In that instance, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to contact the person that has the username (we can’t share that information), and you’ll need to register a different blog address:

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