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Blog Name Blank

  1. I have four blogs with wordpress, of which only one I use on a frequent basis ( The name/address/heading of the blog comes up blank on BOTH my RSS feeds and when I try to add the WordPress Application on Facebook. Odd that it comes up blank on two totally unrelated applications. My three other blogs come up fine on both of them. Can someone advise me on what the problem could be? Anyone encountered anything like this?

  2. I'm not sure which of the 4 blogs you are talking about, but on the one linked to your username, you are using a graphic in place of the blog title.

    Is the title of your blog entered in your Settings>General Settings>Blog Title? Without that filled in, the title of your blog won't show up anywhere. By the behavior of your blog, I suspect it isn't.

  3. Yup, correct. View > Page Source in Firefox shows a blank between the title tags.

  4. Looks like you took out the title in order to keep it from showing up in your header (over your custom image). Does that theme allow you to hide the blog title? If not, you are either going to have to change themes or get the CSS upgrade in order to fix it. (And since there is no support for the CSS upgrade, make sure you know what you're doing if you choose that option.)

  5. You guys fixed it!!! Thank you so much!! What an easy fix, but I would've never found it without you. Thank you.


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