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    okay signed up. First…

    Am attempting to create blog/web presence for the company I for which I work . Put in the name of the company, a-1cab, and click the button and then it tells me I can’t use that name (all lower case as required) but when I try to find a site called on the site it tells me that there is no such site. (have permission of company owner for this, we are trying to increase business and his present site is more of a biz card than an actual site)

    Do not want to use the word company in the address as customers do not input that when they are looking for a cab however,that does seem to be available

    Please explain, am confused as to why I can’t use the name we prefer.
    Second; have been reading for two days around the howto sections and TOS and have a couple of questions

    If we want to sell to our current customers who ride the cabs our t-shirts, caps is that allowed? They would have the company logo on them and we have them made by a local company down the street…no mention or link would appear to this local company.

    In order to drive visitors to the blog/web I would like to include things like a link to I have no connection to this site (a wordpress site btw) other than as a user and would have absolutely no monetary motive.

    Is is possible to have a free game room on a page that changes the game automatically about once a week? All freeware or abandonware flash games. Again no monentary value to me, just to keep ’em coming back to the site, besides reading anything in the blogs.

    As to the blogs, is it possible to have two tabs, one for everyone to comment and one restricted for use by drivers only, not visible to the public? Drivers may want to make comments about things going on in their cabs that we wouldn’t want customers to see. Or should I just forget about having a driver’s lounge on the site and make it a separate private blog?

    As money is tight and owner has no computer savvy, want to start with a free site before he will commit to an actual domain name. If this does help increase our biz he will then be more amendable to spending money on an actual domain and host.

    Have a few other questions but this is long enough for now. Thank you in advance for your help. CabLady


    You can’t use the hyphen, you can only use numbers and lowercase letters.



    Aha! Thank you. Probably a better idea anyway :D



    The tees are probably fine.

    The game room? Flash is stripped out here. You can LINK to a flash room, but you can’t host it here.

    As for keeping things private, easy: just publish Private posts as Private.



    Okay, thank you for your help. Spoke with the owner today and we have decided on our own domain and a 2-3 year contract with a hosting company.

    We want to try and generate a passive income on the site with links and possible a small travel related store, plus links to airlines, limos, bus and train companies, local venues in North Georgia.

    Our own site and dependable hosting will give us more options and we won’t have to worry about any restrictions.

    Most likely will still use WordPress (.org). Any one have any suggestions on hosting companies would welcome advice. Am currently thinking WebHostingHub after doing a lot of research.

    Again, thank you.

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