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    Hi, I need to delete 1 blog under user name (let’s say: A) because I’ve created it while connected as user A by error. I need that blog’s name but I can’t get it as user ‘B’ as it is unavailable. I’ve tried to transfer the blog from A to B but it seems doesn’ t work. How can I eliminate the first one (on A’s blog) so I can find it available for B’s blog ? I’m the administrator for both.
    Tks for help !
    Blog url:



    Please don’t delete the blog if you want to use the address again.

    You should be able to transfer your blog to another account by following these instructions:


    Tks Chris, as a matter of fact I’ve messed a little with the two blogs.
    I wanted to create a new blog but with a different user and did not pay attention I was logged in with another user. So, firstly I tried to transfer the blog to the new user (I’ve created meanwhile) but it didn’t work. Then I succeed to change the name of the blog wishing to transfer so that I could use anyway with that first user. But when I tried to change the name the answer I get is : name unavailable ! when I digit the address indicated as unavailable, the answer I get is: is no longer available.
    I need to change in How can I do ? Tks for help.



    Hi there,

    It appears that you’ve deleted

    I’m afraid that it won’t be possible to use that address as blog deletion is permanent.


    Hi Chris, tks for clarifying it to me. I wonder if I should just wait few days and try with another user ? Does the deletion last for how long ? I can’t imagine it is not possible to create it later on ? How if somebody else try to create it ? Nobody and never can it be ‘picked up’ again ? that’s really strange… I thought it might be a sort of ‘timer’ and then they became available again…



    I’m sorry, but it won’t be possible to use that address again. Deletion is permanent, and blog addresses that are deleted can never be used again.

    You might want to consider mapping a domain name ( to your blog instead.


    Thank you Chris. It’s a pitty. I’ll do some more exercise then I’ll take a decision whether to keep it or delete it (which is most probable…) and find other solution for my problem.
    thank you again anyway !
    PS: as you are part of the staff, you should suggest a better solution for this type of issue rather than delete it permanently …I’m sure it might be one !

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