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    My user name was eomar, blog URL was, and also my site title was eomar, then I decided to change user name to oafifi, blog URL to, and site title to Omar Afifi’s Blog.

    now all the desired changes happened but still there is a problem that my blog name didn’t change !! its still eomar, when I open my dashboard and choose to view my blogs the blog name appears as eomar, How can I change that ?

    I searched alot all posts says from site title under Settings > General but I mentioned above that I already did this.

    The blog I need help with is



    I get the message “ is no longer available.” when I visit the blog of that name. When I visit “” I get an empty new blog. It looks like you created a new blog and deleted the old one because the “oafifi” one is empty besides the starter content provides. That or maybe it took some time to propagate through all the servers.



    thanks for your replay :)

    The idea of propagation of changes cant be the case here because I changed the user name and the URL December 2011 and left the blog from that time and that’s why it looks like new :)
    That link contains a screenshot of what it looks like, Its the blog name only who didn’t change,
    Screenshot of the My Blogs view

    Any ideas ?



    Sorry you are right !

    Its a change propagation issue, I changed the site title from about 2 hours and now here it goes, thanks :)

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