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Blog Name is not the same as Site Title!

  1. Hey!

    Here's the blog that I just made, which I will be using to post along with my friends.

    The problem is that I have already changed the Site Title under Settings > General to 'Not Just The Talking...' But, when I go to the page of 'My Blogs' it shows me the name of the blog as 'notjustthetalking'! Now, I wonder what's really the problem here...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no problem here. We can change the blog title at any time here > Settings > General but we cannot arbitrarily change the URL for the site which is a subdomain.

    If you wish to have a specific domain name and it's available you can purchase it and domain mapping to it from your existing blog URL by purchasing the domain mapping upgrade from your dashboard.

    If you want an different URL which is also a subdomain of and the URL is available then register another blog and transfer your content into it.

  3. When I view your blog I see this URL:
    I also see "Setu's Blog" has been entered here > General Settings

    Is that the blog in question or not? Please post the URL starting with http:// for the blog in question.

  4. Well, I got two blogs. One of them is my primary blog i.e. which was originally on Blogger, whatever.

    But, that's not really my point.

    When I go to the 'My Blogs' page, I see two blogs there. Their blog names being Setu's Blog (notice, this isn't setu4993) and the second one, notjustthetalking which is . My question is why doesn't the name of this change on the My Blogs page even though I changed the Site Title to 'Not Just The Talking...'

    Even the header of the dashboard reads 'Not Just The Talking...'. Just the Blog Name in the My Blogs dopdown list, and on the My Blogs page.


  5. You could try the old browser trick - log out and clear cache and cookies - you could have a local cache issue with your ISP also.

    I guess I would then give things 24 hours and if you are still don't see the name ask the staff to look at your site.

  6. @Timethief... Not really. I don't intend to change the blog address!

    @auxclass... I guess I'll wait for a few more hours, which would bring it to 24 ;)...

    Thanks :)!!

  7. Well then please do not fret any longer. You van take your issue and in fact any support issue you may ever have directly to Staff. :)

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