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blog name recycle

  1. I deleted one of my blogs because I wanted to start over with a new template. How long do I have to wait until I can use the name again?

    Blog url:

  2. Forever.

  3. hmmm...
    well i now see that that is what was meant in the "delete the URL" line of warnings. no way to protest, i suppose. :-/
    for the sake of curiosity, any insights into why this is the policy?


  4. A deleted blog is gone forever. Neither you nor anyone else can ever register it again. See this please =>

  5. It's a very strong fraud and identity theft protection measure. When they say deletion is permanent, that's what they mean.

  6. Forcing people to register new usernames rather than reusing deleted ones is a way of artificially inflating the number of accounts, impressing advertisers, investors etc. Because it makes it difficult to obtain a desirable username, it also boosts sales of domain upgrades.

    (The anti-identity theft argument doesn't stand up when you consider that a .com is available for anyone to buy if you let your registration expire, so if were seriously concerned about that issue they wouldn't encourage domain mapping. Also, pretty much all other blog hosts allow name recycling and some even use it as a revenue stream.)

  7. Yes, but they also get those senseless penguin dramas that we don't anymore. I never claimed it was a deciding factor, but has made many decisions just to make less trouble to administer from their end. I think this is one.

  8. At least WP give warnings that the URL can never be recycled, and i personally hope they never change that. We don't want WP to be like Blogger thanks very much!

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