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Blog name reserved

  1. Hi,

    After going a few years with the self hosted option of WordPress, I finally decided to activate a blog here on the side.

    turns out is reserved.

    After going through the forum link -->

    I must have posted somewhere sometime ago and not bothered to complete/setup a blog at the time (since i'm doing the self-hosted thing anyway) and now my name is tied up.

    Is there anyway to validate or identify how I logged in in order to tie up the name in the first place?
    Is this going to be an issue where I'll have to wait until support gets back from hiatus?


  2. Tracking down ownership can potentially involve some confidential information, so I have contacted you via the email address on your account.

  3. Thanks for the email and the information.

    I was able to track down the email address, get the password reset, and the account access in order to create the blog I wanted.

    Now everything is fine.

  4. You're welcome!

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