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Blog name takes two lines : Select where the second line starts?

  1. Hi.

    My blog name take two lines. I would like to know if there's a way for me to choose after wich word it goes on the second line.

    For example, if the name of a blog is "The adventures of Bob and Jo", I don't want the title to appear like :

    "The adventures of Bob and

    But to appear like this :

    "The adventures of
    Bob and Jo"

    Graphicly speaking, this is kinda important. I hope there's a solution! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hopefully, this may help you:
    Use the exact code without the spaces.

    The space before the last word of a title is automatically converted into a non-breaking space, to prevent "orphans" (a single word as the last line of a paragraph). This happens no matter what the theme. The only way to override it is paste this right before the last word (minus the spaces):
    & # 8 2 0 1;
    That's the HTML entity for a thin space: it will allow a line break between the last two words.

  3. From what I understood, this is the code for a line break.
    In other words, it's the code to use if you want to have a title like this :

    "The adventures of Bob and

    But that's precisly what I don't want. What I would like to have, is the code for a non-breaking space, so I could write :

    "The adventures of
    Bob and Jo" (Non-breaking space between "and" and "Jo", and between "Bob" and "and").

    Have any idea were I could find that? Thank you a lot for your time!

  4. The code for a non-breaking space is this (minus the spaces):
    & n b s p ;

  5. It's working! Thank you a lot! :)

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