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Blog name/copyright issue

  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question, but I have a question about the name of my blog. I recently did a search on my blog name and found that there is a company with the exact same name. When I named my blog, I did not realize this. I'm guessing that I should rename my post since the company name is copyrighted, but I'm not sure. And if I do have to rename, how do I go about doing that? I'm afraid that it will be a major undertaking and that I will lose some of my readers.

  2. I'm fairly sure Apple do not own - and if they aren't suing....

    All you need is something somewhere that says "This blog is not associated with XXX or whatever".

  3. Sounds good to me! I'll just go with that for now. That is, until I hear from the company's legal department...

    Thank you!

  4. Nah, the Beatles own the apple name, remember? ;)

    It's more of a trademark issue than a copywrite. Trademarks usually exist with one medium. That's why Paramount hasn't sued Starbucks over the name from Battlestar Galactica yet. ;)

  5. Okay, thanks Dr. Mike!

  6. Titles are not copyrightable in any case. God knows, there are millions of books with the same titles.

  7. Must resist....
    Must resist....
    Must resist....

    I've always wondered about all these publishers publishing these books and alling them "The Bible." I never understood how they away with that.


  8. @drmike
    "They" get away with it because there is no "The Bible" per say. No copyright exists for this book of ancient books bound into a single volume.

    It's a compilation of *66 independently written books, written by at least 44 authors and their scribes over a span of centuries: books that were selected by "the early church fathers" declared to be "holy" and bound into a single volume.

    Critics often dismiss the role of the early church fathers in determining the books to be included in the new testament. They contended that the Holy Spirit caused the books of the new testament to mysteriously fall into place of their own accord at the the Councils of Hippo (393 AD) and Carthage (397 AD). {cough}

    Today what protestants commonly refer to as "The" Bible contains a collection of 39 writings from the ancient Judaic era and 27 books referred to as the New Testament writings. But even that is not accurate. * Note that there is a significant difference between catholic and protestant bibles. Catholic bibles contain 7 more books than protestant bibles do. The seven books, all in the Old Testament, are Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch and 1 and 2 Maccabees. Catholics call the disputed books Deuterocanonical and consider them to be inspired. Protestants call them Apocryphal and consider them to be spurious.

    The list of books that comprise "the Bible" is referred to as the canon. During Jesus' time there were only two Old Testament canons in use. There was the Palestinian canon, which is identical to the protestant old testament, and there was the Alexandrian canon – also known as the Septuagint – which is identical to the catholic old testament. The reason why the catholic bible has the longer canon is simple. The apostles and the early church fathers used the septuagint.

    Most early church fathers regarded the Septuagint as the standard form of the old testament. When the Councils of Hippo (393 AD) and Carthage (397 AD) set the canon of the new testament they also confirmed the septuagint as the old testament.

    The canon stood unchanged until the protestant reformation when Martin Luther threw out the seven Deuterocanonicals because they contradicted his new doctrines. He also wanted to throw out Hebrews, James, 2 Peter, 2 and 3 John, Jude, and Revelation.

  9. I'm consulting with a woman who's publishing a book she wants to call "Cry of the Phoenix". There are currently five books in print available in North America by that title, all by different authors and on different subjects, some fiction, some nonfiction. Titles are the most common thing in the world.

  10. The Bible thing was a joke by the way. :)

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