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    My blog ( was on holiday for 23 days, from August 9th to August 31st 2013. Before the temporary closure my blog was constantly on the top of “Blogs of the day”:!/read/following/ and!/read/following
    But at the reopening on Sept. 1st 2013 it disappered, even if the visitors are still more or less the same as before the closure. And after six days of activity my blog is still no visible.

    Would you be so kind to let me know the reason? When will I be able to find my blog again in the rankings?
    Thank you for answering me.

    Giacomo Salerno
    “Jack’s blog”

    The blog I need help with is



    We Volunteers cannot provide a reason Please read what it states here >



    Note: BOTD does not use numbers shown on the Blog Stats page of your Dashboard



    If you went on holiday for 23 consecutive days, it will naturally take some time for you to get back in the top 100. While you were gone your hits may not have fallen, but everyone else’s were growing.


    Thanks everyone! But as regards the relationship between BOTD and numbers shown in the Dashboard I have to say, for my personal experience, that the two fields used to coincide.
    Hope to find my blog in BOTD soon…

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