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Blog not appearing in searches or tag pages

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief

    I'm having a similar problem too. I've been doing a project called Alphabet Blogging but none of my tags have been showing up during the past week - I've tried contacting a Happiness Engineer this weekend about it but a message comes up saying they're busy!

  2. When I clcked the "food" tag on your most recent post I got this display on the right hand side of the page:
    Related posts from Keepsmeoutofmischief
    Alphabet Blogging: V is for Victoria Sponges 12 minutes ago
    Alphabet Blogging: T is for Trying Something A Bit Different 5 days ago
    Alphabet Blogging: F is for Food 2 weeks ago
    Alphabet Blogging: I is for Inspiration 2 weeks ago
    Alphabet Blogging: G is for gluten free 2 weeks ago
    Alphabet Blogging: L is for Licking the Spoon 1 week ago
    Alphabet Blogging: D is for Dream Job 2 weeks ago

    When you are communicating with Staff please be sure to point out exactly which Tag pages your posts aren't appearing on.

  3. This is the message I received when I clicked the contact link for Staff.

    We’re closed over the weekend to work on making things better for you guys. We really appreciate your patience! The form will be open again at 12PM UTC on Monday 27th June.

  4. keepsmeoutofmischief

    It's not appearing on the food tag page that you access through Freshly Pressed

  5. keepsmeoutofmischief

    I didn't realise that it appeared like that when you click it when you're already on the page. I meant when you're just looking through the tag pages without going into a blog first.

  6. Hi, I'm Terry. I worked on the global tags output pages a while back (been sidetracked with other projects and signup-related stuff), and I'm starting to look into global tags again this week.

    There are two types of tag pages: the old style (currently the default, ex. ), and the tagazine style ( ex. ) which we are currently testing on some (english only) tags. I hope you like the new style and if I can get the performance up to snuff (and everything consistent) maybe we can make it the default tag page! :-)

    Both sets of tag pages have featured posts and a "semi" paged listing of recent posts.

    If what you are referring to are the featured posts. In the old style, featured posts are chosen by random selection. In the new style, featured posts are chosen based on editors at If there are none (or not enough) based on that, an unpublished algorithm tries to select a post based on popularity of the post, polldaddy rating, and, if none left, it defaults to the old random selection.

    If what you are referring to are recent posts. Then what goes on in both cases is the most recent posts are collected from the global tags database in reverse chronological time. At output these are shown and some are filtered out based on something I'll describe below. It is because some are filtered out, that you may see a post on the bottom of (say) page 1 and again on the top of page 2. I'm not too sure, but it is possible some might drop through a small "hole" if the page is a Tagazine and it doesn't display enough posts. I'll look into that.

    I currently have not worked on how the posts get into the global tags database. But from some of these posts (especially with regard to imports), it sounds like something is very amiss there! I will look into it, but give me some time since I never worked on imports or that aspect of the global tags system. :-(

    As for the output filtering side, we double check that the post has been published, is not password protected, is not a blog listed as private or been marked by the anti-spam team, does not have too many tags/categories (don't worry, you can use up to around 30 safely), etc. We do this double checking because of use cases where the user may have listed a post for publication and then locked the post behind a password and unpublished the post later. (Finally, some tags themselves are considered "spam" and while we catalog it in the global tags database, there are no tags pages that should be rendered at all for them.)

    Note that on the output filtering side there is some weirdness/inconsistency going on I haven't fixed yet because removing it causes undue database load. I'm looking in to that also. It is conceivable (but not likely) that the problem is in this code. It is more likely that something is going wrong with the global tags database itself, or the post isn't even getting in there. :-(

    I hope this helps (or is a start) to explain this issue.

  7. By the way "food" tag is a tagazine. Tagazine has a feature that the global tags doesn't have where it recognizes that you are coming in from a blog and reserves the right "featured post" page in order to show related posts on the blog you are coming from.

    There is a cachingissue with this which, for performance reasons, if you are not logged in to WordPress, you will not see that part. :-(

  8. By the way "food" tag is a tagazine. Tagazine has a feature that the global tags doesn't have where it recognizes that you are coming in from a blog and reserves the right "featured post" page in order to show related posts on the blog you are coming from.

    There is a cachingissue with this which, for performance reasons, if you are not logged in to WordPress, you will not see that part. :-(

  9. Regarding the "related posts" thing, which I think is the source of the disappearing you are talking about.

    My question is the "disappearing" always your posts showing on the right side of a featured post of a tagazine and then later seems to "disappear"?

    If so, this is because when you click on a global tag from your blog, we show you related posts on the blog you are coming from (your blog). This is done extracting the referer entry your browser is sending the global tags page. Different browsers handle this differently, so it may be that on a later load, or when you visit the page directly by typing it in the URL, it seems to "disappear" (because your browser is no longer telling us you can to this page from your blog, so we can't show you related posts). Note that regular tag pages do not have this feature, it is something I added last year because I felt that if a user is coming to the tag pages by clicking on a link in your blog, maybe what they wanted is to see other posts with that tag on your blog instead of across the entirety of WordPress. Since I had some space on the featured posts area in Tagazine that we didn't have in the old page, I chucked that in.

    I apologize if that causes confusion. I felt users would like to have traffic sent back to the blog they are coming from in some cases.

  10. @tychay
    That's all very interesting, particularly the information about the "Tagazine" style tag pages. Thanks for taking the time to explain things. I think that is a great idea -- to feature posts from the blog that people are coming from -- since I think that, especially for people outside of community, it can be confusing to suddenly see a lot of posts from other blogs and none from the blog you were looking at if you were actually looking for more posts by the same person on that topic.

    Thanks again! I'll have to reread it again to make sure I get all the details straight, I'm sure! :)

  11. keepsmeoutofmischief

    Thanks tychay, that's really detailed and I'll have to read it again when I'm more awake to make sure I understand it :-) It seemed to start happening when I was doing a daily blog rather than the three/ four times per week as I had been in the past. Does it think I'm sending out spam? It seems to work on the global tag pages but not on the Tagazines, although it used to work on both.

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