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blog not appearing in tag cloud.

  1. jamesterencewatkins

    hi there. iv been running my blog for almost two years now.

    i remember when i first started posting i used to receive fairly regular traffic from the main tag cloud, from photography and writing and these sorts of things. but have noticed for the last few months this has completely disappeared and no amount of searching through the recent posts under the tags im using reveals any of my posts...?

    i don't expect them to pop up on the featured posts obviously but it seems they're not appearing anywhere? i often post without any text... and i don't use feature images as my blog has no need for these things effect that?

    any help or info would be.. amazing :)

    thanking you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, posting without any text WILL effect that negatively. But for the past two years my traffic from the tag pages has been negligible. I don't think it's worth going through contortions to cater to them.

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