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    Why doesn’t my blog ever appear in the reader for the topics. I put Photography as my tag, but when I go to see the latest blogs mine is never there. my stats have right down and I have wondered if you have black banned me or something. Please help.

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    You appear to be using too many tags. If you use more than 10 tags and categories total, your posts will not appear.

    See this for details:


    This is new, the too many tags and categories, it is ridiculous, you are making me choose whether I only want to appear on the reader, or to widen my options by having many choices that people on google may be able to pick me up on. I am starting to think that the team at WP are not friendly, don’t care what their users want, and are becoming a dictatorship. I have done what I was told to do and still don’t get on the reader.



    It’s not new, those restrictions have been in place for quite a few years to combat tag spammers who load up on several unrelated tags to drawn in additional unrelated traffic, thus poisoning the effectiveness of the Topics in Reader and pretty much ruining it for anyone using it to track the Topics they want to track.

    I see that you have already lowered your recent posts down to a nice number of 10 perfectly descriptive tags. If you had to, you could drop the postaday tag too. It was just recommended as a way to encourage yourself to post daily, but I see you’re having no trouble with that, well done!


    It must be new, because until a week ago I would appear on the reader, now I don’t at all. If you want to stop poisoning the effectiveness of the Reader, then why don’t you ask people to nominate one tag for the reader, I would gladly say that I only want my blog to appear in the photography reader. I don’t want it anywhere else.

    I do like being able to give my blog many tags, so other browsers can pick up my blog, and I have often got new followers from google. I don’t know what people will be looking for and I feel very restricted being only able to nominate 10 overall.

    As you stated, I did only put 10 and my blog still didn’t appear on the reader. Also the reader, would load so many, then I would get a message saying, “wait, there is more”, but no more ever appeared. This new reader is hopeless, I don’t know how long you expect people to keep using it, I think I’ve had enough.

    Also, something has happened with the follow button that is the top of every page. I have clicked it for nearly every blog I was following, and I was getting an email from each one, and then about a week ago, that magic time, it stopped, if I haven’t pressed subscribe, I get nothing now.

    What other changes can we expect?



    It’s going to take a day or two for the Reader to pick up the blog again once it has removed it initially. Hang in there, and you’ll probably start appearing under the Topics listing early next week.

    As for your subscriptions, you still have several set to email. Would you please check your spam folder?


    I have filters set up on my computer and if I get sent an email to tell me when someone updates, then I get it in a special folder, there is nothing in my spam/junk folder. The follow only button at the top of the blogs, the bar that appears at the top does not always work, actually my recent experience has been not at all, you actually have to subscribe.



    Ok, that sounds like a problem. Would you please elaborate on what you mean by “subscribe” in this case?


    I decided to subscribe to the blogs I like, and I realised that on the bar that is across each blog there is a follow button, or if you are already following that blog then it says following.

    I clicked on the follow button and was getting an email update every time someone updated their blogs. Then I started to realise that I hadn’t received any update emails, so I went to their blogs to see if they had updated, and they had, but I didn’t get a notification. So looked on their blogs and tried to find the subscribe button, and had to click that to get the email updates. I mean subscribe or follow, but where each of us have put a follow me, or sign me up, etc on our blogs.

    The follow button on the bar across the top does nothing now.



    Ok, so this is a subscribe widget in their sidebar? Would you please tell me which blog you’re referring to, or just one of them?


    It happened on quite a few, but this is one of them that I definitely know it happened on.
    Yes, the widget for subscribing, I had to press on that.



    Ah, that is odd. Ok, so Follow in the admin bar does not work for you, but Follow in the sidebar does?


    Yes, that’s right.

    It did work initially, but then last week I stopped getting the emails, and I had to use the subscribe in the sidebar.



    When you use Subscribe in the sidebar, do you see a field to enter your email address, or just a Follow button?


    No, just get a button to click on. Then I get an email and that asks to manage my subscriptions.



    Ok, would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using when the Follow button in the admin bar doesn’t work?


    I am using Google Chrome, though I don’t use windows, I use Ubuntu.



    Would you please try Firefox to see if that makes a difference?


    How, do you want me to unsubscribe to one and then try pressing the follow button on the bar at the top?



    Sure, or feel free to subscribe to any other blog you find, like

    You can always Unsubscribe via a link in the email.

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