Blog not displaying all features on my desktop

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    The sharing and like buttons, as well as my twitter feed, don’t show on my blog when I’m using my desktop. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m seeing those on your blog; still an issue?



    Thanks for the response. I can’t see them on my desktop, but I can see them on my tablet. Not sure why. Any ideas?



    hard for me to tell from here Geoff;

    I’d say it sounds like a possible browser issue; I can see all those items on Chrome and Firefox on my Mac – but is cross-browser tested so may be a device issue



    If I use IE rather than Firefox, I can see it. But I don’t like IE. Obviously it has something to do with my FF settings. Not sure what thought; they just disappeared a couple of weeks ago and I’m not aware of any changes made by me.


    I figured it out. I had downloaded an adblock plug-in for FF. It was blocking the twitter feed and the share buttons.

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