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Blog not displaying correctly

  1. Ack! I opened my blog in IE6 (SP2) today at school and it looks awful. Here's a screenshot:

    Does it always look like this in IE (it couldn't possibly)? The computer i'm using is running XP Pro, and i'm on a university campus (no idea about proxies, et al).

    Heeeelp meeeee!

  2. It looks fine in IE7, nothing like the screenshot. I wish I could be of more help.

  3. It also looks fine in firefox and like ellaella I'm sorry I cannot be of more help than to report that to you.

  4. I use ie7 and it's very bad

  5. I'm using IE7 and Firefox on a dedicated high speed connection. I have each one browser open on a tab right now and the blog looks fine in both browsers to me.

  6. Looks fine in Safari as well.

  7. Looks OK in Konqueror too.

    And I just checked my XP Pro box running IE7 and it looks fine as well.

  8. thanks for looking, guys. Does anyone have the link for that site that you can use to see how your page renders in each browser?

  9. Yep, I have IE6 running on Windows 98, and that is exactly what it looks like: half the header gone, sidebar down below the posts. Wish I had some suggestions.

  10. damn!

    do you happen to remember the last time you looked at it & it was okay? Not that it really matters, i guess...

  11. I've had Firefox for about six months now and it was fine in IE the last time I looked using IE, but that would have been before most of your newest changes, I think. Definitely before the last big tweak you did.

  12. @judy

    It can take a while to get the screenshots for the more popular browsers.

    I think there are others, but that's the one I remember off the top of my head. Let me dig through my bookmarks. I also have a friend who uses a different service, so I can ask him as well.

  13. i have logged a support request, but i'm not sure the guys can help me with this :-(

    thanks. I thought you would be the one with the info ;-)

  14. Maybe you could ask Devblog to peek at it and make some suggestions, but I know he's been pretty busy lately and not around much.

  15. Here's the one Rytis (my friend) told me about.

    It's different in that you can actually interact with a computer (over a VPN) running the browser you're interested in.

    It's a pay service, but they have a free version. I haven't tried it yet, but I believe the only difference is that you get booted from the computer you're using if one of their paying clients needs it.

  16. @katm:
    thanks. I thought you would be the one with the info ;-)

    No problem. The miracle is I'm coherent enough at this time of the morning to remember the site name. I've bookmarked it for myself (and waiting for my Win/Mac shots to come back... my Linux ones are done).

  17. Thanks to Browsershots (and katm) i can see that the issue is only with IE6 & IE5.5. I have posted a message on my blog about it, and i haven't received any weird comments from readers telling me that the theme is broken. So, i think i will go to bed (it's after midnight here) and worry about this tomorrow.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me today; i appreciate it (and i knew i could count on y'all).

  18. As an extra note, one of the nice things about browsershots is that it gives you the start/finish time of the page load. So you can get a rough idea of how long it takes various browsers to render your pages. I'm not sure of the individual computer connection speeds, but they probably have pretty good links to the internet. So if you see a load time of like 4 minutes, you might have a problem :-)

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