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Blog not displaying properly, as if it doesn't have a theme

  1. My Blog site looks incorrect

    - Everything is left justified
    - no Theme

    any help would be appreciated.

    looks correct like this from my ipad

    looks wrong like this from my computer win 7 pro

    link to the article above

    - I have removed, flash, chrome, java and re-installed all fresh
    - I have cleared cache
    - I have rebooted router
    - I have rebooted Cable modem
    - in USA/ Southern California using COX Comm. Cable modem

    Any help would be appreciated, it seems of this going on ...

    The blog I need help with is, Might look ok at times from outside, but problem continues...

    Thank you

  2. I'm having similar problems, but with other WP blogs than my own - when I hit "comment" or "reply" on other WP blogs the page looks like this at the bottom, and the reply window is available but there is no button to reply with. For privacy reasons I've removed the top of the page in the screen shots, but the same problems show up in ALL other WP blogs I visit and try to comment on. Reading them is fine, operating my own is fine, but when I try to comment on posts in others, it looks like this in Chrome:

    And in FF:

    I made a topic about this at

  3. I should add, that I'm in Sweden and honestly I find the notion that all of us, all over the world, would have our ISP's to blame, a bit ludicrous. It's simply not concievable.

  4. Appears after midnight on 9/2/2012 the blog suddenly started to work.

    I did not make any changes after above message nor any reboot ec.

    Just makes you wonder what goes on at the ISP and WordPress.

    Thx all for comments


  5. @seattlerobin
    Thanks for the updates.

    Have you an update on how you are doing?

  6. And everything is right in the world again....just like bkhandan. Thanks @timethief for checking in!

  7. Hooray! I like happy endings. :)

  8. Works here too now and thanks for that, but unfortunately this problem has occurred in the past too. I've been thinking of buying a domain name @ WP but now I'm not so sure, especially not with the following issue being ignored and unresolved:

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