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    I hope I can explain this correctly. The computer I use to create the Blog has IE version 9, and a 15″ screen. Blog looks fine on it.
    However, at work, the screen is 17″ and IE version 7. Blog looks like it’s going over into 2 columns and pictures are on top of text, it’s weird.
    Any idea what’s going on? Is there a setting I can fix so that it shows correctly on all versions of IE?

    The blog I need help with is


    I see no errors that could account for this when I check your site validation, so my belief is that this is an IE7 issue. With IE7 now only having 1.4% of the browser market share worldwide, wordpress has dropped support for it. They try to keep things as browser-compliant as possible, but they no longer test or check compatibility with IE7 and before. IE8 will drop off the list soon also as its market share is dropping quickly. IE7 and IE8 just don’t support a lot of what is going on on the web now a days and trying to support them ends up holding things back.


    Really? Only 1.4% of the browser market? Actually that makes perfect sense that we still use that one at work. LOL
    Thanks for your help!!

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