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    posts showing up in reader under my main topic Kim Hyun Joong. Following are the posts I have published that have not shown up in reader: (shortlinks)

    I am getting ready to post another article and would like it to appear in reader under the keyword topic Kim Hyun Joong. All posts start with Kim Hyun Joong and should pull up in the list. (and were pulling up until recently.) Please help.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    What blog? There is nothing in your posts other than a single link in each one driving traffic to another site here Unless there is actual text then the “posts” probably won’t appear on the Topics pages because there is no content. I strongly suggest that you actually create some posts that contain content of your own creation.


    OK. I have two blogs. One is called In Slow Motion and the other is called Angel of the East: Kim Hyun Joong. I think you are landing on my In Slow Motion blog where I post links to the other. The two short links I provided take me right to my posts when I click on them. Not sure why you think there is no content b/c the blog posts are there and have comments on them from readers.

    I am not a spammer. I wonder if this is why? Because of the links only in my personal blog?


    also, I don’t appreciate that this has been tagged as spam and no content etc as that is not the case. Go to my secondary blog: and you will see there are eight posts. There are also posts on my main blog that are not just links as well. That is a personal blog though.

    Please get all the facts before you jump to conclusions and tag things. I am asking for help as a new blogger. I am not very experienced. Help instead of nastiness would be nice.


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