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Blog not loading?

  1. My blog and seems to be down; I'm using firefox and the message "The Connection was reset" appears whenever I try loading my blog. Anyone know what might be wrong?

  2. I was able to access it.

  3. I can see it as well. Try clearing out your browsers cache and doing a forced reload of the page. Please see if that works.

  4. When ever there is something with the common feedback is "clear the cache and kill the cookies". That can't really be the solution, no ? One day my blog works, next day it's back to the default content, 2 days later it works again.
    I can log into, however then accessing my blog gives me another login mask and there the same user & pw is suddenly wrong. If try 5 min later it works again, then 15 min later it doesn't work again. What's going on with ? It's really a very nice blog platform(if it works), however these issues are soo weird :(

  5. When ever there is something with the common feedback is "clear the cache and kill the cookies". That can't really be the solution, no ?

    Actually, yes, it is the solution many times. A simple search through these forums will show you that. Also 8 years of my own webhosting, 2200 active shared clients, 22 resold boxes, assistance on 17 Open Source projects, 6 of my own projects, 11 RFCs, and a number of published articles, both print on online, contribute to that statement. What's your internet background?

    It's also called a tier 1 support reponce because, while it does solve a number of problems, it also allows the responder to ask other follow up questions as well as point out that the asker (that's you) has told us absolute nothing about their setup. (Like you've failed to do. That's a hint by the way) For example:

    What's your ISP? Connection type?
    Browser, version number, and security settings?

    With your question, logins are cookie based and, since they're stored in your cache, that would be the first thing I would suggest. You will note that there isn't anyone else here in the forums complaining about not being able to log on currectly so therefore the issue is on your end.

    Want try again so we can help you or are you just going to insult the work the volenteers do around here?


  6. Not here to insult anyone :) just frustrated at's absolutely strange behavior (I do surf the web for a bit more than 11 years) and haven't seen such a behaviour so far. Anyway when I was looking for my posting I did a search on my user and then I quess I found something that might be related to my problem. If you do a search for "nojetlag" you get back 2 accounts, one with the ID 343759 and the other with ID 343760. So my guess is now that during the creation of my account something went wrong. And I would assume that some times I do hit the URL from one ID and at times the other (therefore the sometimes working pw and displayed blog, while at other times the pw seems not to work and the default content is shown).
    Would you be so kind and have a look, if my guess is correct ?

    thanx a lot

  7. Send in a feedabck. I will too and direct sysadmin to this thread link.

  8. Ok, this has been resolved -- you will likely need to reset your password via the "Lost Password" function in order to be able to login.


  9. Thanks everybody, it works now :), however I had again the issue with not being able to login. So I couldn't check the forum to find out it was done meanwhile, but thanks to barry's email I now reset my pw, back in and all is fine :D

    so again thanx :)

  10. Yes! a happy camper - thumbs up ^^

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