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    I started blogging in April this year and so far have had over 12000 visitors
    I’m sometimes asked for my google ranking but when I check this it comes up as N/A.
    When will I get a ranking and why is it not giving me a number yet? Is it because my blog is fairly new?
    Most of my posts show within the first few pages of a google search.
    Im fairly new to blogging so excuse me if I’m not making sense

    The blog I need help with is



    NOTE: All search engine ranking issues are between the blogger and the search engine. We cannot assist you with them.

    The N/A pagerank might be due to one of the following reasons:
    (1) the web page is new, and it is not indexed by Google yet. Your blog is indexed by Google (789 results).
    (2) the web page is indexed by Google, but it is not ranked yet, not unusual for any blog less than 6 months old
    (3) the web page was indexed by Google long ago, but it is recognized
    as a supplemental (Supplemental Results) page,
    (4) the web page or the whole website is banned by Google.

    In order to make sure your web site is not banned by Google, you can search Google for your site’s address. If the address is in the search results, this means the site is NOT banned and you can relax and not to pay any attention to the temporary bug with N/A pagerank.



    I hope you understand how page rank is determined. This may be helpful if you aren’t clear on it.



    Thanks , I can only assume its because I am new

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