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    My main blog is not registering as a site. It keeps sending an error message.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you purchase that domain name through a domain mapping upgrade from as described here?
    If so, when did you purchas it and what is the underlying blog URL?


    I purchased the domain through GoDaddy and had the blog rerouted through Just Host (as my host). I am not the quintessential webpage guru but I understand it enough to get my blog up as a site. I came to log on today and to my horror, it is not registering as a site or a blog.

    I was finally able to get access to my dashboard, but my blog (site) is still not showing up.



    What is the underlying blog URL?


    It is supposed to be



    Every domain name being domain mapped is mapped from an underlying blog URL to the domain URL. What is the blog URL that you are doamin mapping from?


    The original site was The site was saved as it is not showing up in either of the inquiries. I originally had it routed from, then when i came over to wordpress, I changed it to And I even attempted to pull it up in It is not showing up either of those ways.

    When i log into my wordpress dashboard, “houseflyness” shows up as my main blog but shows an error message when I even try to log on to the admin part of the site. i am at a LOSS for how to recover my blog.



    That URL does not exist and never has existed. Sounds like you have a domain name but no blog. Create and then you can map the domain to that URL.


    The blog did exist. It was When i initially registered it, it was missing the “of” portion of the name. I had the blog up and running for almost 2 years. I havent logged on in about 6 months and when I attempted to, I ran into these issues. The blog is listed as my main blog in my dashboard with 37 posts, but it is NOT showing me the site at all. This is very strange.



    Member – has been registered since Creation Date: 2010-12-12 – but it points to Godaddy

    I purchased the domain through GoDaddy and had the blog rerouted through Just Host (as my host)

    Indicates you had a WordPress.ORG install on your own host with nothing to do with WordPress.COM.

    You also seem to have a Blogger blog that is still live –


    Thank you @auxclass.. i am gaining more clarity on this. I am trying to figure it out. I am going to talk to my web designer to get this cleared up.

    I know that there are distinct differences between the .org and .com’s of wordpress. Clearly there is something that i am neglecting or doing wrong. I definitely had for 2 years and the blog JUST stopped letting me login to the admin area.

    And @timethief that is definitely my OTHER site. That was my original blog but I switched over to a real site once I began using wordpress.

    Thank you for your responses



    There are a lot of possibilities – yes a talk with your web designer at this point is good

    You be welcome & good luck finding your wayward blog.

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