Blog not showing up in "Manage My Blogs"

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    One of my little blogs, isn’t showing up in the “Manage My Blogs” section of my profile, even though it’s set as my primary blog. I can access the blog and post just fine, but it simply isn’t showing up where it should in my profile. What can I do to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you locate it by using this link?!/my-blogs/


    No. I see another blog of mine, but not my primary one.



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Oops! I forgot to ask if the blog in question is registered under the same username. If it isn’t then it will not appear so I just want to make sure of that.


    It is under the same username, yes. I changed it between making the blog that appears and the one that doesn’t, but that shouldn’t make a difference, right?

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