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Blog Not Showing Up in WordPress Reader Under Proper Tag

  1. I wrote a post for the WP writing challenge and I was going to post this question there but didn't know if it was appropriate.

    Can you tell me why my posts seem to not show up in the wordpress tag? I wrote my post and tagged it properly, on my blog it's

    but when you go to which I know then renders to be!/read/topic/dpchallenge it doesn't show up? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the info. Scott
    Blog url:

  2. Actually, I went back and looked at several tags and none of them show up in the reader. In my most recent post here , I have a unique tag such as!/read/topic/east-of-eden and the newest post showing in the reader is from over 24 hours ago?

    Any idea how I can correct this? I'm guessing if I don't show up in any of the readers I'm not showing up in anyone's readers, including those who choose the FP'd section :)

    Thanks for the suggestions? Scott

  3. ok, I also noticed that if I log out of my wordpress account and look at the tag links that my posts do show up in that list. Does WP filter all posts by your own blog in the "reader" feed?

  4. Hi Scott,

    If a post has more than 15 tags and categories, it won't appear in Topics. You can see more details on this support page:

    For your reference (to make updating your posts a bit quicker), you can use Quick Edit in Posts -> All Posts to reduce the number of tags and categories for each post.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Bryan, thank you very much, I had no idea about the 15 tag limit... wish I had, it's easier to add tags than it is to remove them, but I understand the reasons. Thanks for letting me know. Scott

  6. bryanvillarin

    You're welcome, Scott.

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