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Blog not showing up under tags, etc.

  1. crummycooksandcats


    My co-author (booksnobbery) posted regarding some issues we were having with our blog ( in a Support thread yesterday (

    Excepting email notifications being sent out, the rest of the issues have not been resolved (e.g. the blog is still not showing up under any tags). Upon further examination, it appears we haven't had any hits from for multiple days, which suggests that this is an ongoing problem.

    I don't mean to heckle you guys with this, I'm just not sure that you're aware it's still a problem, so I thought I'd post.

    Thank you for your time,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the blog is still not showing up under any tags

    Hello there,
    May I suggest that you don't get caught up on worrying about display on the global tags pages? The display of posts under the most popular tags is randomized. The system has been broken for a very long time perhaps due those legions who spam it and who try to game it everyday day in and day out (no reference to you intended here at all). I've been here for 6 years and I can say in all honesty that the flow of traffic from the global tags pages to blogs has never ever been digificant and at best is negligible. It's Google that sends traffic to blogs. Search spiders are focused on keywords found in content. Tags are not required for SEO purposes and Matt Cutts of Google makes that clear Revisiting Keywords and Tags

  3. crummycooksandcats

    Unfortunately, our wee little blog isn't in much of a position to be disregarding any amount of views. WordPress referrals account for well over 25% of our traffic. Google accounts for significantly less hits. It's not just tags that are the problem - we're not showing up on the Read Blogs feed, or anywhere else. Since a number of our subscribers have opted not to receive emails, they don't have any way of knowing we've posted. This the first time since November that we've not appeared on the Global Tags list, so we've grown somewhat accustomed to it.

    I recognize that in the grand scheme of things you, and everyone else who works/volunteers at WordPress, undoubtedly have significantly more exigent issues to be dealing with, but this is a salient point to us. This really is heavily affecting our traffic flow, and I assume that if it's happening to us, it's probably happening to other users as well. Being given the runaround for multiple days because we can no longer contact the Support team has been both frustrating and disheartening. I don't expect you or anyone else to be able to magically fix things, but I also don't appreciate being rebuffed as over-exaggerating the validity of my concerns.

  4. I flagged this thread for Staff attention when I first posted above. I can do no more than that and I don't appreciate you sniping at me. We Volunteers have no role to play in the decison making process and your inability to contact Staff directly is beyond our control. Please be patient while waiting for them to respond to you.

  5. How was anyone supposed to know that this was flagged for staff attention if no mention was made of that? I'm not 'sniping,' I'm genuinely curious. From our perspective, we were told not to get hung up on it and left with a link to your blog, which was not particularly helpful in this situation.

    Again, not being snippy or rude, but without being told that staff was made aware of the issue, we're left thinking your response was the end of it.

    I also do not think accusing people of being rude when they're obviously trying to remain polite through what is clearly a frustrating situation is entirely appropriate.

  6. Specifically, which posts are not showing up under which tags?

  7. Our last two posts ( and ) have not appeared under any of the Global Tags that we've selected.

    For example, if you visit (which is one of the tags used on Wednesday's post) you will find a post of ours from Tuesday, but not that from yesterday.

    The same thing happens visiting /book, /books-2 (we don't know why we sometimes end up on a secondary tag, but we've accepted it), /humor, /Harry-potter, etc. We are not appearing under any of these, nor are we visible on our subscriber's Read Blogs feed - which may be unrelated, but is equally as frustrating.

    It is like our blog has disappeared from over the last two days.

  8. Gah, I apologize for typos, I should not respond with autocorrect on.

  9. Ah, that's a bit of a known issue. We're working on fixing up the global tag listings, though they may just be replaced by topics in the Reader, for example:!/read/topic/technology/

    With that said, you have a few more tags than usual and may be picked up as a tag spammer, though I see no signs of that yet and you certainly don't have as many as I have seen. We usually recommend 5 tags.

  10. Okay, thank you for that information. We were going by the Support page which said five to ten, but if the new recommendation is five tags - we'll try to work with that. Something else I've just noticed that may bear on this (and why yesterday's post appears not to exist) is that it does not show on our Stats Graph as having been published.

    Screenshot example.

    Again, I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, but every other day that a post has been published, it shows the name of the post published that day. It's curious that it shows nothing at all for yesterday when that post did have some views and is clearly still up.

    Thanks for all of your help. It's appreciated.

  11. Was this a previously schedule post? If so, when did you start working on it, and when was it scheduled to publish?

  12. It was a saved post that had been started and saved as a draft the night before, then was finished up and published immediately yesterday.

  13. Your post refered to above is appearing here on these global tags pages:
    I don't have the time to check "humor" and "animals" as they are very poular tags with many entries.

  14. Your post refered to above is appearing here on these global tags pages:
    I don't have the time to check "humor" and "animals" as they are very poular tags with many entries.

    There are no problems with today's post, actually (which is the one you're speaking of). The posts referred to before was not tagged with guinea pig or Monty Python, but thank you for checking.

  15. That post appears under:
    It's the featured post here >
    Sorry but I'm multitasking and I can't search the other popular posts pages for you now.

  16. That post appears under:
    It's the featured post here >
    Sorry but I'm multitasking and I can't search the other popular posts pages for you now.

    Okay, then it appears that issue has been fixed, but I can assure you they were not there at all yesterday.

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