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    Hi there,

    super new to WordPress!
    Already upset?
    I bought an upgraded url – from
    But either way, my blog does not show up from any links or even typing the url in the field.

    No support number or email visible?

    Great to pay $25.00 for nothing…

    The blog I need help with is



    This porcess is not instaneous. We have no control over the ISPs all over the world. When they choose to flush their DNS caches is up to them. It can take up to 72 hours to have the domain name paorgapaget througfhout the internt but it ususally takes less time than that. I’m in Canada on thefar west coast and the redirect is working for me already. You can observe the process here >



    edit” “porcess” was meant to be “process”

    May I suggest that you read all of the information provided here? Note the part in italicc lettering please.

    To activate your new domain, select the button next to the one you wish to activate and click Update Primary Domain. Your blog will be accessible from both of these domains; the Primary Domain is what actually appears as your domain within the address bar of web browsers. If you do not see your blog at the new domain immediately, please allow some time for the DNS changes to propagate.



    The new domain resolves fine for me to

    Go have a long Latte



    @auxclass: “Go have a long latte”? What happened to “Patience, Grasshopper”? ;-)



    Strangely, I’m having a long latte. But I have no patience, everyone knows this.



    @airodyssey – having a grumpy day today learning about mirror drives, software that was only designed to come back from a total crash and the 38th time (actual count) that one of my neighbors could not figure out how to turn their TV on – and a few other things –

    On the good side my site is getting good traffic this month – now all I need to do is finish the 7 half started articles for my loyal visitors on boating safety and such – also starting a new site on the history of some places I used to work that in some cases the plants no longer exist and some other photo records back to around 1960 or so (depends on what falls out of the old shoe boxes) –

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