Blog not working? Can't upload my posts

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    Hi there – I can’t seem to upload posts at the moment. Either it starts saving midway through and gets stuck there, or when I get to the end and click ‘publish’ it gets stuck on that. Been happening for a few days now, even for a shorter post with just text. Wondered if there’s a problem with the site at all? Cheers!

    The blog I need help with is



    “Upload” a post? Do you mean you’re having difficulty typing into the Write Post box, or you’re copy-pasting in from somewhere else, or you’re trying to upload pictures or video?

    What browser and version are you using?



    Hi, sorry it seems to be resolved now! It was basically because I was going to it through my bookmark, and although it was letting me through to compose a new post, I don’t think I was technically logged in, so it got stuck trying to publish/save said post. Strange as it’s always worked up until now, but when I tried going in through the wordpress site rather than using my bookmark and logged in again, it worked fine. Thanks for replying though! :-)

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