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  1. How do people get onto the blog of the day?

    Here is the site that I need help with:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. They have a TON of hits in one day. Also, staff will tell you that they add some sort of "juju factor" to it so it's not just hits, but believe me, you will never get on there without thousands of hits in one day.

  3. juju factor?

  4. Well, they won't tell us what it is, so that nobody games the system.

  5. oh..

  6. does anyone have any more ideas?? :)

  7. The only time my blog got on the BOTD list was when someone posted a link to one of my posts to a very popular fan forum and I got more than two thousand hits in one day. Never happened again though :)
    I guess, just continue writing interesting posts and hope that your link ends up somewhere high traffic!

  8. I got 33,900 hits in one day and made it to number 16. I used to be regularly featured, but it has become much harder as time has gone on.

  9. @ raincoaster - wow, 33K hits! I guess that must've been a slow day when I ended up on the BOTD. Or maybe first timers to the more than 2K club is part of the mysterious juju they calculate in...

  10. I believe that it is; after awhile the more established sites are probably pushed aside to let new people share the advantages. But they just couldn't ignore that many!

  11. But how do you get people to come to your site in the first place?

  12. lutgendorffarjen

    I guess they will also publish weblogs as BOTD when they just like the item, however the site got not much hits.

  13. How do you get wordpress to actually look at your blog because they couldn't possibly look at every single blog made could they?

  14. Blog. A LOT. I've done as many as 15 posts in a day, seven days a week. My theory is that hits alone will get you automatically on the BOTD list, and then they look at you if you've been on the list too often or you're tag spamming or whatever and decide if it's time to take you off. So they don't have to read your blog FIRST.

  15. You have no idea how happy I WAS that I got 100 hits yesterday after only a week.
    Now, I will go sink into depression, thank you for the reality check you two.

    *sticks tongue out*

  16. You DO know there are over a hundred MILLION blogs out there, right? And five million on Try sticking out in a pile like that.

  17. Still, 100 after a week is very, very impressive. Maybe shoot for "Fastest Growing" instead of biggest!

  18. hey sounds good!
    Don't think I can keep up the controversy.
    I only have one abuser...I mean commenter anyhow.

    Anyways, I can see why yours is so popular raincoaster, great site!
    hope it gets back up there.

  19. remember, you clicking onto your own site is NOT regged as a visitor

  20. It would be kind of fun if it was. Set up computers to constantly refresh. Be seen by millions, why do they always have to ruin the fun whi5t1er? BTW I had a look at some stuff you do for another forum etc. I am honoured you even dropped by my site.

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