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blog of the day and the wordpress top blogs

  1. how are they decided ? how can I make my blog to appear in the fornt page list of : or

    Is this list built up automatically or do I have to send/subscribe my article ?


  2. The formula for top blogs has never been released by wordpress staff. No, you don't submit anything - they find you :) Just keep writing :)

  3. nooooo, please dont tell me, I was really hoping it wouldn't be the human factor deciding

  4. Humans program machines. There is always a human factor.

  5. I haven't started a blog yet but I've added some poetry to my page. Do they get reviewed for 'Mental Health Week Art & Poetry competition - Darwin' or do I submit seperetely?

  6. I shouldv'e read it first as I see it's over : (

  7. Gosh. I didn't even know there were botd (blogs of the day!!!!). Since they changed the home page here with supposedly top posts in categories I've not looked at it. Where did you find botd, anyway?

  8. it used to be more popular, but after a solid year of ICanHasCheezburger at the top people got sort of tired of looking at it.

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