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Blog of the Day header bar problems?

  1. I was browsing some of the members sites who post here and found a plugin which does blog of the day. I tried it on twho blogs which are not on and the bar at the top is not showing up on them. Those blogs are also not showing up in the listings.

    I know drmike is using this plugin. Is there a problem with it right now?

    I read what the blog says about it already.

  2. It's a plugin.

    It also doesn't like many themes that I have tried. I never could get it to work on Dapit Hapon. It would add in the CSS but not the actual bar. :( runs their own system which kicks out results over at I think they took Andrew's code and expanded on it to get it working here at

    I am happy to note though that I usually have the number 1 blog though. :)

    Make sure you're grabbing the right code because the link to the latest version that Andrew kicked out is kind of buried. I listed instructions here on where to find it.

    Hope this helps,

  3. okay, Thank you, I actually put it on two non blogs.

    I will check for the latest code.


  4. I was ytrying to run the 1.5 code. The 2.x code is working perfectly.

    Thank you

  5. It is showing me as number one now.

  6. That's because the server my sites are down on are currently offline for some strange reason. :(

    Well, here's another day wasted since I can't get to my support tickets. I wonder what the box owner will try to blame me for this time. *sigh*

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