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  1. I've just noticed that Italian BOTD hasn't been updated since August 21st. All the articles posted in!/read/following date back to that date or before.
    Everything looks like "frozen".
    What happened?
    Is there anyone who can tell me the reason? Thanks.

    Giacomo Salerno
    "Jack's blog"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for your report. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. When I go to I see that the most recent post is dated Sept. 13th 2013.

  4. giacomosalerno

    Thank you for your answer.

    jackiedana, it's evident that if you go to and click on the blogs you'll find the latest posts. Every blog, in the meanwhile, went on publishing. That's the reason why you found the most recent posts published on Sept. 13th 2013. But I can assure you that the position of the various blogs is like "frozen" since Aug. 21st, 2013.
    If you want to verify what I'm saying it's enough for you to go to!/read/following and you'll find out that all the posts are not updated since Aug. 21, 2013 and their position has been the same since that date.

    Thank you again for you help.
    Waiting for your answer,

    Giacomo Salerno
    "Jack's blog"

  5. We have switched over to using the Reader, which is what you see when you go to as a logged in user. If you still wish to use BOTD, I'd recommend using the link I supplied earlier, as that one is still updating.

  6. giacomosalerno

    Thank you again.

    I take advantage of this occasion to ask you the use of the page I mentioned in my earlier message [!/read/following]. I used to look it up every day until Aug. 21, 2013 and I found it very useful since the position of the posts used to vary after time.

    In addition, I would be very grateful if you explained me why the position of the blogs in the link you supplied me are always the same (even if every blog, of course, updates its content). I can assure you that they are (I downloaded the page on Aug. 21, 2013 and today it is still the same as that day and it has been the same every day).

    Before that date my blog used to be almost always on the top ten of BOTD. Since everything looks like "frozen" now, I can't find it anymore. How is it possible since my traffic is more or less the same?

    Thank you for the patience you'll have in answering me again,

    Giacomo Salerno
    "Jack's blog"

  7. The Blog of the Day feature has been superseded by the Reader, and we are not actively developing BOTD now. Some of the links will still work, but overall it is not a feature we are discontinuing in favor of the Reader.

  8. giacomosalerno

    Sorry, I did not catch. Is it or is it NOT a feature you are disscounting in favor of the Reader?

  9. BOTD is our older system and we are encouraging people to use the Reader to follow content.

  10. giacomosalerno

    I see, thanks. I'll try to get used to the new system, even if - to be sincere - I preferred the old one. The Reader does not report the most followed blogs and posts but it tries to put content first.
    Best regards and thank you again...

  11. If you have feedback about how to improve the Reader, feel free to post it here:

  12. Good news! Our developers have performed some behind the scenes magic and BOTD should now be updating for you again.

  13. giacomosalerno

    Thank you, I'm very grateful for you decision! BOTD missed me a lot...
    Giacomo Salerno

  14. Haha, that's awesome! BOTD is happy to see you back as well. :)

  15. giacomosalerno

    Everyone is happy, then!
    I love WP...again! ;)
    Thank you again...

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