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Blog of the minute

  1. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed I'd gotten BOTM, but kinda guessed there was something fishy as I just started blogging and hardly get any hits at all yet. I will say this though, joke or no joke it does make your day and give you a little taster of something you make take a long time (if ever) to achieve on real, yes I appreciate the joke and the good feelings it's left. Thanks.

  2. is my favorite site.

    April Fool's!

  3. philipdeoliveira

    It's a cute prank, except people sort of catch on when they're Blog of the Minute for eight hours.

  4. LOL

  5. I'm blog of the minute right now, and even though it's a joke, it's still pretty cool. Made my day...

  6. When my "private" blog showed up on the front page, it didn't seem so funny! Now it does!


  7. Considering that this is probably the only time I will ever see my blog least for a year.......I'm telling everyone that I was the blog of the minute.....hence 60 seconds....they missed it. Sucks to be them. *giggle* Thanks for making my day, .....Wait....does this mean I only have 14 minutes of fame left?

  8. Nice one, WordPress! I must admit I was panicking when I first saw definitely got me a good hornswoggling

  9. Thanks a trillion, Word Press ... was "Blog Of The Minute" on April fools day. What a great honor ... once again, thanks a trillion

  10. That was a great joke! I was so excited about being BOTM, I screen shot it and e-mailed it to my close friends. I couldn't believe I made it, considering I don't get nearly the amount of hits that I thought it would take to make it. Boy, do I feel silly!

  11. Wow, here I am stuffing around with nothing but problems with my blog since yesterday. And then I check the main page of WordPress and voila, I'm the blog of the minute. Woohoo, this shows that even in the worst situations something good will happen!
    Thanks heaps WordPress for giving me the honours.
    Monika ;-)

  12. fcf, just don't tell your friends. If they're not on WordPress and checking the forums, they'll never know.

  13. I am on the B.O.T.M and for a minute I thought, it has something to do with my latest post on April Fools. And right on, it makes somebody feel better when you see your blog up there even it was just for a minute.

  14. fcfwknit: I took a screenshot as well and showed it to my housemtes. :)

    I don't think I'll tell them it was an April's fools thing.

  15. Just to hijack the thread, I totally thought this was an April Fool's joke as well: it seems I'm nominated for a Best of Blogs award. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it's not just another joke.

  16. That was a brilliant April Fools joke. I knew something was up when I made it to BOTM. Anyone catch the Gmail Paper Archive joke?

  17. They got me to, I called my wife over and said "check this out, I rule"

    Brilliant Joke

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